Welcome to the Secure Dental Podcast!

This new show will bring you conversations with the brightest minds in the Dental and Business Communities. Hosted by Dr. Noel Liu, this show will dive deep into practical tips to grow your business. Many entrepreneurs wished they had a guidebook or someone to help them understand how to grow their businesses, well you’re in luck because this show will be exactly that!

Tune in twice a month and unleash your full potential!

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Noel Liu:
Welcome to the Secure Dental Podcast. Through conversations with the Brightest Minds in the Dental and Business Communities, we'll share practical tips you can use to scale your practice and create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Noel Liu:
Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Noel Liu, CEO and Dentist at Secure Dental and also co-founder of DenVia. I'm your host for the Secure Dental podcast and I'm so glad you're joining in. We want to welcome you to the introductory episode of the Secure Dental Podcast. This podcast is for dental professionals looking to make the most out of their dental career, their wealth and freedom. I started as a local dentist and have been able to build up to 11 practices across three state lines and continue expanding. I know it's hard to get started, I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to scale. And then, once you have success, what do you do to multiply it? When I was building my practices, my business and my real estate book of business, I wished there was a resource for me to tap into and learn how to fast-track my progress. Instead, I learned the hard way, and then I slowly gathered a group of peers and mentors to help me build confidence, patience, and capital. With this show, the plan is to give you a shortcut and to help you connect with other inspiring leaders, both inside and outside our dental profession. I'll be inviting guests to the show that are excelling in their areas of expertise from professionals in specific areas of specialty that will help your practices, to operation gurus that will save you time and years of frustration, to real estate pros that will help you make the right moves and where and why to invest and then where to buy your practices. And then finally, where to invest your hard earned money. This will be the podcast you can listen to for very specific tips and tricks for dental professionals. We'll be posting episodes twice a month and each episode will be 20 to 25 minutes long, so be sure to hit subscribe and check out our show notes for the links and ways to stay engaged with us in between each episode on social. The podcast is available for you to listen on any of your favorite podcast streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and many more. Thanks for tuning in to the podcast. I really appreciate you coming to the podcast and trusting us to get the information that not only will secure your practice but also a financial future. And I'll catch you in the next episode.

Noel Liu:
Thanks for tuning in to the Secure Dental podcast. We hope you found today's podcast inspiring and useful to your practice and financial growth. For show notes, resources, and ways to stay engaged with us, visit us at NoelLiuDDS.com. That's N O E L L I U D D S.com.

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About Noel Liu:

Noel Liu, a graduate of NYU College of Dentistry, is a highly skilled and compassionate general dentist and co-founder of Secure Dental with multiple locations. With years of experience in the field, Dr. Liu has established a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable dental professional.


In addition to his dental practices, Dr. Liu is also very passionate about mentoring and guiding his associate doctors in their transition from students to clinicians.  He has built a successful framework for model, mimic, and mastery flow to help them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals and efficiencies.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • This podcast is for dental professionals looking to make the most out of their dental career, their wealth, and freedom.
  • Entrepreneurs usually learn how to grow their business the hard way. 
  • The Secure Dental Podcast is available everywhere you find your favorite podcast shows. 
  • Secure Dental will publish two episodes per month. 


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  • Check out Dr. Noel’s website.
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